Willow Lake Farms

We believe that Mother Nature can raise healthy, vigorous and content livestock from a calf to adult – needing only its mother’s milk, hay and the freedom to roam and eat natural grasses.

From the time the calf is born to the time it is harvested as an adult the process is slow.  It takes nearly 2-years to bring our beef from Farm-to-Table.  During that time, they are raised exclusively on what Mother Nature offers best; natural free range feed.

The Willow Lake Farm formula rigidly excludes the use of any method that artificially increases production.  Artificial hormones, steroids and antibiotics are never used.

We are committed to the principle that they be treated humanely and remain stress free.  We care about them – and we care about our customers.  We are committed to bring the best product available to market.


  • Image of a cow

    Working together from start to finish

    Willow Lake Farms and Custom Quality Meats operate as a team.  We produce and distribute high quality beef raised without hormones, without steroids and without antibiotics.  Our cattle are cared for and handled with respect and concern for their welfare.